Dreamotion System

Dreamotion System

Dreamotion is the new system OMVL developed for converting to gas the latest generation petrol direct injection engines. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles with engines of all powers and of the latest generation (DI & DI-MPI), it complies with the Euro 6D WLTP standard, Dreamotion offers a smoother, more powerful ride, lower emissions and greater savings. Main components include the compact and full electronic eVP-500 LPG reducer, with smooth and excellent performances on both low and high powered engines, the innovative and advanced control and management unit AFC-3.0 DI, and the always reliable, accurate and high-performance IN03 injectors. More made in Westport Fuel Systems components make the system complete, such as the One-Touch changeover switch and the Type 94 gaseous phase filter. Some OMVL applications use the traditional CPR reducer as an alternative to the eVP-500 one.

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Technical features Dreamotion
Supply LPG – CNG
Cylinders 3,4,6,8 (Using 2 ECUs 4-Cylinders)

AFC-3.0 DI

Gas Ecu Connector n° 3 Molex 32pin/32pin/48pin
Gas ECU body Material Aluminium/Plastic
Gas Shut-off Solenoid Valves 2
Reducer LPG: EVP-500 – CPR
Injectors IN 03 MY09
normal, max, supermax
Internal Petrol Injectors Emulation DI: Inductive – MPI: Resistive
Gas Temperature sensor
Gas pressure sensor
Water Temperature sensor on reducer
N° Lambda Oxygen Input 2
RPM signal
MAP sensor only electrical connection
Communication with OBD (K and CAN)