Insurance and Use and Maintenance Booklet

Maintenance of LPG and CNG systems: the use booklet

For the maintenance of LPG and CNG systems, the instruction manual plays a leading role, since it contains all the necessary information on coupons and revisions. It reports the legal obligations, such as replacing the LPG tank after 10 years. Maintenance costs for LPG and CNG systems are rather low, provided that all periodic checks are carried out.

Like gasoline vehicles, LPG and CNG cars are also subject to periodic revision: the first must be carried out four years after registration, the others every two years. In addition to vehicle control, maintenance of LPG and CNG systems must also be carried out periodically: the objective is to contain costs and, at the same time, travel safely. CNG cylinders must be subjected to periodic checks: a test is required every 5 years and a revision every 4 years.

To protect your OMVL system or one of its components, additional insurance is available, valid throughout the Italian territory. This is an extra service, born and designed to allow you to combine the advantages and quality offered by OMVL products with the certainty of being protected by an important insurance group. Ask your OMVL authorized workshop for more information!

An additional service: