DREAM on System

DREAMon is the LPG and CNG conversion system developed by OMVL for 3-8 cylinders vehicles. The gas electronic unit, coming from the OMVL’s strong experience in the automotive field, offers a further technological aim making gas system more and more performing in terms of driveability and reliability keeping the same main features of previous OMVL gaseous injection systems.

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DREAM DI 2.0 System

DREAM DI 2.0 is a serial sequential multipoint gaseous injection system (or master & slave) for petrol direct injection vehicles. As for the other OMVL systems, gas injection occurs into the intake manifold, whereas the petrol injection directly occurs into the combustion chamber. This approach allows having the same installation simplicity appreciated on the other systems, and can use the same mechanic components, with evident advantages in terms of components validity.

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